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We provide comprehensive lifting equipment inspection services covering all aspects of lifting appliances. The lifting appliances include forklifts, winches, man lift (aerial lift), and cranes (Mobile, Derrick, Overhead, Davits, Tower, etc.).

Our company enforces LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) in carrying out our inspection services.
Inspection services carried out on such equipment are loading testing, thorough visual examination, magnetic particle, and penetrant testing where applicable.

Our Engineer Surveyors carry out thorough visual examinations, focusing on safety critical components and primarily aimed at controlling risks associated with:

  • The failure of mechanical components or electrical devices that could lead to the loss of control of any load or persons being lifted, lowered, arrested, or suspended
  • The failure of mechanical components or electrical devices that could lead to persons falling from height – for example, from a crane
  • The failure of mechanical components or electrical devices that are designed to protect persons, for example, safety or protective device.


Through visual examination is carried out on general lifting gears, and where applicable carry out magnetic particle inspection. Examples of such lifting gears and accessories are wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles, eyebolts, turnbuckles, hooks, synthetic web slings, synthetic round slings, links, swivels, come-a-long and chain hoists, plate clamps etc.

All equipment inspected is entered into a database that conforms to LOLER and generates the certificates and reports required by relevant standards. We also offer a web-based facility to the client where they can view and print off reports online.

Our inspectors are trained to the highest standard through both internal and external training and undergo regular competency assessments to ensure they are updated with all the relevant procedures and standards. Also ensuring that this equipment is inspected in accordance with relevant codes, standards, and specifications as required and is performed by qualified personnel by qualified personnel.


Inspection services carried out on this equipment includes load testing, through visual examination, magnetic particle inspection, and liquid penetrant inspection. We ensure that all this equipment are inspected in accordance with relevant codes, standard, and specifications where applicable i.e. BS7072, DNV2.7-1 & EN12079.

It’s important that cargo-carrying units and all associated accessories are inspected in accordance with the relevant standard applicable before usage, so as to ensure the safe transit of equipment both onshore and offshore. 



If you have any load-bearing equipment it is likely to require load testing. Also, newly installed equipment will require proof loading, whilst existing equipment needs thorough examination after any modification or repair.

We test mobile cranes to verify the accuracy of the automatic load indicator, and lorry loading cranes (self-loaders) for the functionality of the load-limiting device. This is all included in our thorough examination. We use test weights and our own calibrated load cells.

When we check the accuracy of weighing devices in mobile elevating work platforms and lifts, loose test weights are ideal. Our test weights include dead weight (verified), and water bags for larger weight requirements.

The security of eyebolts and other anchors will be tested using a calibrated hydra jaws tester/pad eye tester.

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