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With the growing complexity and proliferation of maritime regulatory programs, achieving and maintaining full compliance is more challenging than ever. The expenses associated with non-compliance can far exceed the costs of the assistance we can provide to you in all aspects of project planning, marine construction and repair oversight, marine casualty investigation, and third-party regulatory inspection and testing. Our staffers are highly qualified, proficient, and experienced in all of the disciplines needed to help solve your most difficult maritime and admiralty problems.

Like any equipment, even LIFE RAFT requires periodic servicing and maintenance. The reasons for life raft repair and their maintenance can be enumerated as follows:

Constant usage during drills or previous emergencies can render the life raft weather-worn which could cause problems at the time of emergencies.
The inflation system of the raft could have problems and the lack of the same could pose problems during exigency situations.
There are a few necessary instrumentations that are stored in the life rafts for using as and when the situation arises. The lack of workability of this equipment necessitates life raft servicing.


Key selected Lifeboat /Rescue Boat items to be inspected:

  • Visual Inspection of the Hull
  • Canopy and the overall Structure.
  • Hook Systems with on-load and off-load releases.
  • Hydrostatic Systems.
  • Engine check.
  • Propulsion systems and associated equipment.
  • Water exhaust systems.
  • Sprinkler and Positive Air systems on tankers. Inspection of embarked consumables and Tools.


In situations where only the Lifeboat Davits need to be load tested, specially designed water bags are used to apply the load in each arm of the davit. Davits must be tested every year with working load and every 5 years with overload, another test must be required after repairs in key davit elements.

Double-arm Lifeboat Davits can be tested with the lifeboat installed, and in this case, the CADON water bag system is the safest option.

If the lifeboat is not installed, CADON can provide two sets of water bags and certified load cells/flow meters to ensure that the correct load is applied without overloading any of the davit arms. This test can verify the correct functioning of the structure, davit winches, cables, cable terminations, and brakes.CADON has performed successful load testing and inspections on Lifeboat Davits, Life rafts Davits, Defence Davits, Port Davits, Marina Davits, and many others.

CADON’s water bags are SGS Type approved and certified, and its lifting gear has a safety factor of 6:1. The load can be monitored with load cells or flow meters, allowing a precision of +/- 1% of the load.

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